How to Order by Message

Format for ordering through SMS, Facebook, or Email:

Your Full Name, Phone Number,
Full Address with Flat number,
Item Name, Type, Dose/Size, Quantity
*Repeat line 2 for all products*

Please include Product Type (injection, tablet, etc.) and Dose, Strength or Size in the product description.

Example message order:

John Smith, 01711111111,
House 71, Road 9/A, Dhanmondi,
Napa, Tablet, 500mg, 2 pata
Orsaline, 5mg, 5 packets
Pampers, xl 30 pack, 4 packets

SMS: 01873787878, 01744123123  |
How to Order Online

Search for products by typing in product names, brands, etc. into the search bar on the home page.

Add items to your cart by clicking on the 'plus' / + button. Each click of the 'plus' button for a product will add one unit to your cart, and vice versa

To quickly view or edit your cart, click the 'My Cart' on the navbar on the top right of the page.
Click on the 'Review and Checkout' button to begin the checkout process.

Review your cart items again to make sure there are no errors. The plus/minus buttons can be used to update the number of product unit

Begin checkout by clicking the button shown.

During checkout, there will be guided fields for you to fill out your contact information and delivery date and time preferences.

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